The Weathervane

"The wind plays with hearts within..." - Wilhelm Müller, Die Wetterfahne.

Some of our encounters in life are profound. Others are fleeting. When will love come? Where will it take us? The answer (as it is with the Butterworth/Henley cycle) seems to be that "love blows as the wind blows."

Wetterfahne is German for weathervane. In this three stanza poem, Müller comments (rather desperately) about fidelity: Had our protagonist have noticed the rickety structure atop his beloved's house, he would never have entered.

After the opening gust of wind, Schubert comes to imbue this fragile and fractured sentiment with tremendous heroism and resolve - a certain strength and determination to succeed, and to continue the journey.

Read the full text and translation of Die Wetterfahne here.